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Mask Up Texas!

March 9th, 2021

As we begin the month of March, it’s hard to believe COVID-19 has impacted our lives for a full year. We have successfully placed protocols, and have kept a safe environment for our patients and team members, and our team members will continue to follow these protocols. Today we would like to express our gratitude for your cooperation with such protocols and we are happy to report there have been no incidents of outbreaks within the office.

As we are all aware, Governor Abbott removed the mask mandate for the general public starting Wednesday March 10th, however all dentists are governed by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, and according to the board, nothing is to change in our COVID-19 protection protocols. The three new variants of COVID-19 (Brazilian, South African, and U.K) seem to rapidly spread throughout the country. It is believed that these new variants are 50% more contagious, so we should be more diligent in our protection efforts than ever before, not less.

We will continue to “mask up” and continue with our protection protocols because these have proven to help slow down the spread of COVID-19 and keep you, your loved ones, our community and our great state of Texas safe.

Therefore, for the safety of our patients, the families we service, our team members and the community we’ve grown, Studebaker Orthodontics will continue to:

  1. Check patients in from their vehicle.
  2. Ask Covid-19 screening questions.
  3. Keep social distancing inside the office.
  4. Wear a mask while in the office.
  5. Take temperatures upon entering.
  6. Ask patients to wash hands and rinse with mouthwash.

We care about you, our Studebaker Orthodontics patient family, and hope that you continue to “mask up” and social distance as you enter our office. We have compassion for any of our families affected by COVID-19. We will continue to act with empathy and be considerate of all your needs.

Thank you to our Studebaker Orthodontics family, for working with us. Stay strong Texas!

Inclement weather update - Office Closed

February 18th, 2021

Good morning #studebakerortho family! The office is still with no power or water. We are anticipating opening up as soon as these services are restored. We will call you as soon as we have power to reschedule appointments. You can text us at (281) 251-9229 if you need to reach us. Stay warm and safe ❄️

Office Closure Due to Weather Conditions

February 17th, 2021

Due to the inclement weather, no power, no water and unsafe road conditions, Studebaker Orthodontics will be closed today, Wednesday, February 17, 2021. We will keep you posted on when we are back to the office and semi-functional. Please stay safe and if you need immediate assistance, text us at  (281) 251-9229. Please follow us in our social medial platforms (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) for latest updates.

Stay safe and warm!

Exposure to COVID-19

June 25th, 2020

As we navigate through this pandemic with diligence, social conscience and safe protocols to keep our patients, our team members and our community safe, it is imperative that we all do our part on keeping an open and honest flow of information. We have successfully placed protocols in place to tend to our patient’s orthodontic needs while keeping a safe environment for the last 7 weeks since we re-opened on May 4th. We have unfortunately had a team member test positive for COVID-19. Our team member was asked to stay home and we immediately re-scheduled all appointments for the rest of the day and the rest of the week. Also, any patient in contact with the employee the prior week was individually contacted and notified.

Contact tracing for the affected employee indicated that exposure to the virus was not at our office, which is highly unlikely due to our universal precautions, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) implementation and very strict sterilization and safety protocols. Her exposure was thru the spouse’s interaction with two co-workers that tested positive to COVID-19 the week prior.

Out of an abundance of caution, all our team members were rapid tested (SARS Antigen FIA rapid test) for COVID-19 on 6/24/20 at Davam Urgent Care Center. We are happy to report that all team members test results were negative for COVID-19. On the morning of 6/24/20 COIT Cleaning Services professionally cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected by means of wet sprays, surface wiping and fogging all surfaces.

The safety of our patients, our team members and our community is of utmost importance to us, and all the protocols we are taking are to ensure we do our part on containing the spread of the virus while providing the continuing care of our patients. We sincerely thank you for understanding the need to re-schedule appointments until we can ensure the safety of all. We also understand it can be cumbersome to delay some of your appointments, just rest assure that we do have your safety and health as our most important priority.

We will be back to our office on Monday, 6/29/2020. Our commitment to you is, and has always been, quality care in a safe, healthy and family-friendly environment, and as family, we will always have an open, honest and caring communication with our cherished patient family members.

Stay safe, be good, and smile always!

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